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Example Dialog "Watch Arema Cronous"

Watch Arema Cronous In Kanjuruhan

Bagas and Delly are in the school . Bagas ask Delly to watch Soccer Competition in Stadium Kanjuruhan Malang with Bagas . They will go to Malang on Saturday . They will sleep in Bagas’s Uncle House.

Bagas : “Hey Delly , How Are You ?”
Delly : “Hey Bagas , Im Fine , How about you?”
Bagas : “Yes im fine too , Delly Do you want to watch Soccer Competition with me ?”
Delly : “Sure , When will we watch it?”
Bagas : “On Next Sunday , in Stadium Kanjuruhan Malang.”
Delly : “Who will follow competition?”
Bagas : “They are Arema Cronous vs Sriwijaya FC.”
Delly : “Are you sure Arema Cronous will play with Sriwijaya FC?”
Bagas : “Yes i’m sure , I have heard the news from TV this morning.”
Delly : “What do you think about tomorrow? Who will be the Winner?”
Bagas : “According my opinion Arema Cronous Will be the Winner.Do you think Arema
               Cronous will be a Champion?”
Delly : “Hmmm i think so , When will you pick me up?”
Bagas : “Sorry what did you say?”
Delly : “I Said When will you pick me up?”
Bagas : “On Saturday At 7 O’clock.”
Delly : “Are you serious? Where will we sleep?”
Bagas : “We will sleep in my uncle house.”
Delly : “Oke .. I agree with You.”

(When Bagas And Delly In Stadium Kanjuruhan)

Bagas : “Del , Look ! Gonzales make a Gooool !!!”
Delly : What a Great Individual Skill it is!”
Bagas : “Yes , you right . Gonzales is a Soccer Player who has Excellent Individual Skill.”
Delly : “Hahaha... By the way , The Competition has done , Arema is the Winner , can we                                go home now?”
Bagas : “Oke Lets Go.”
Delly : “Bagas , Could You Tell me the Information about Arema Cronous for the next
Bagas : “Sure , I will tell you all of the information about this Competition.”
Delly : “Thanks for your attention to tell me all of the information about the Competition.”
Bagas : “Yes , You’re Welcome.”

 (When Bagas And Delly In The School)

Bagas : “Delly , I have Interesting News.”
Delly : “What is it! Tell me more about it.”
Bagas : “Arema Cronous road to final,because yesterday Arema has been defeated
Delly : “Wow , That’s Great , I hope Arema Will be a Champion .”
Bagas : “Yes , me tooo . Will you watch the final with me?”
Delly : “Hmmm... Sorry I think I can’t go , because I must study for next nasional exam.”
Bagas : “Ok,No Problem , Good Luck for your exam , see you tomorrow.”
Delly : “Ok , See you.”

Red                 : Agree And Disagree
Blue                 : Repetition
Yellow            : Admiration
Violet                          : Politeness
Green              : Interesting News

Burhannuddin Bagaskara 22/9B

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